Our story

After receiving numerous bans from social media for selling hunting gear, we set out to find an alternative option.
The few websites we found were expensive and outdated, so we decided to start our own – Oz Fish and Game!

This was just the beginning. Since then, we’ve established a reputable hunting club and initiated the paperwork to start our own pro-hunting environmental charity.
That’s how we approach business. Our focus isn’t set on maximising profits, instead, our is aim to give back to the people who support us. That means providing YOU, with; high quality educational content, insight and access to habitat restoration efforts in your local area, and FREE use of the most advanced sales website in Australia!

What we do

  • Provide education and training to the hunting and fishing community.
  • Host regular clean up and habitat restoration works on behalf of our upcoming charity – (due late 2022).
  • Provide a safe and secure platform to sell firearms and other equipment,
  • Allow users to share YouTube video content, with plans for future monetisation of our website.
  • Allow clubs, shooting ranges, and event holders to promote themselves for FREE.
  • Lobby Members of Parliament to prevent (or overturn) amendments to legislation.
  • Run a NSW approved hunting organisation (AHO).

How we do it

  • Collaboration with individuals, businesses, and organisations.
  • Generate video, audio, and written content to educate our users, Members of Parliament, and the general public.
  • Building positive relationships with members of government agencies and peak industry bodies.

Website features

  • Marketplace – Our classifieds ad sections. You can buy and sell all things hunting, fishing, and outdoors here,
  • Business directory –  A list of Australian business owners who actively support your lifestyle,
  • Club directory – A list of local clubs who share your love of the outdoors. Reach out and meet some like minded people. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up some new skills along the way,
  • Events – An area to view and post national events,
  • Range Finder – Find local range facilities to hone your skill set. This includes archery, firearms, and paintball ranges.
  • Training calendar – Find upcoming training courses held by Oz Fish and Game.
  • Weather Forecast – Weather information provided by WillyWeather and our own user generated diving visibility reports.
  • Recipes – BBQ, Fish, and wild game recipes. Supplied by our team, with guest spots from well known Australian content creators.
  • Video – An alternative place to display YouTube content, we aim to build the platform enough to monetise your hunting, shooting, and fishing content.
  • Website banners – Reach a broader audience by advertising your business on our website!

Other stuff we do

  • We conduct NSW R-licence training and NSW firearms training.
  • Provide our club members with a genuine reason for firearms ownership (through the R-licence system).
  • With your support, we will continue to prototype (and hopefully produce) high quality Australia made gear.

How can I support the website?

The best ways to help us grow won’t cost you a single cent, you can:

  • Buy and Sell some gear in our FREE classifieds section – “Marketplace”,
  • Share this website with your friends, family, and members of your local sporting clubs,
  • Mention us to your local hunting, fishing, or camping store,
  • More importantly, if you see something you like on our Google Ads, click the link and check it out. 

Alternatively, if you’ve ever taken some value from our articles, check out our Donation page.

Advertisement information

How long will my advertisement be listed on the website?

All ads will expire after a period of 3 months. After the expiry date, ad listings will be switched to “draft” status in your user account for a period of 14 days. These ads can be reposted by entering the ad from the account page, scrolling to the bottom of the ad, and clicking the submit button. If not reposted within this 14 day period, the ad will automatically be deleted.

How do I "pause" my advertisement, or delete it?

Enter the “Account” page and follow the steps provided.

I would like to advertise my business on OZ Fish and Game, how do I make it happen?

All information on website banner advertising can be found by clicking here.

Licencing and Scam information

Firearms advertisement information

Due the requirements set out in Australian legislation, the following information must be displayed when advertising firearms or firearms parts:

  • a private seller’s firearms licence or permit number,
  • serial numbers for firearms or firearms parts,
  • your Firearm Dealers Licence (FDL) – if listing on behalf of a business.

In addition to this, Tasmania requires the name and address of the licensed firearm dealer who will facilitate the sale between buyer and seller.

Your advertisement will not be accepted without this information.

Fraud and scams

Oz Fish and Game acts as a third-party provider of advertisement space. We do not accept or hold money for the sale of an item between users.

Common signs that you are dealing with a scammer include:

  • a buyer who offers you an amount of money which is above your asking price,
  • any request to send money overseas or via Western Union.
  • any request for money from an agent acting on a buyer’s behalf,
  • any overseas supplier who offers to sell you a firearm or firearm parts,
  • a buyer offering to pay for a firearm via PayPal, this request is against PayPal`s policy and is likely a scam.

Suggestions/ Feedback

I've got a suggestion/some feedback for the website, who do I contact?

We encourage all polite feedback and suggestions. Please send an email to: [email protected]
Alternatively, you can fill out and submit the form below.

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